Island of Rab

The island of Rab is a unique fusion of lush Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane tourism-bound present. The Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm and sunny summers favours abundant vegetation that makes life on the island comfortable. That is why Rab is called the Happy Island and is also known as the Croatian aromatherapy centre. The clear sea abounds in fish, and the sunny slopes of the island are ideal for growing vines, olives, figs and other Mediterranean cultures. The island also has fabulous conditions for exploring the undersea world so there are many scuba diving centres in the area. We invite you to explore this unique island that offers everything you need for an unforgettable holiday amid pristine nature.




One of the most famous Rab beaches is located approximately 11 minutes walking from Villa Rossa. Mel is a favourite destination for families with children, due to the extremely shallow sea. Even after walking a hundred meters in the sea, it will still be knee-high. The beach offers additional amenities such as beach volleyball, pedal boats, sun loungers or parasols, and there is also an outdoor shower, so you can wash off all the sand. You will find refreshment in several restaurants and bars conveniently scattered among pine trees. The sea gets warm quickly in the spring sun, thanks to the shallow sandy seabed, so the swimming season opens early in May and lasts until late October. This is one of the must-visit sandy beaches in Croatia.


This beach is one of the last best kept secrets on the island of Rab. Approximately 8 minutes walking from Villa Rossa you will find Gonar Bay with several beaches that visitors fall in love with and stay connected to all their lives. The whole bay is a combination of pebbles and sand, and the out-of-this-world colour of the sea and pine forest make you feel as if you had entered another world, so peaceful and relaxed. This site is quite unknown so you could easily be the only visitor and be able to enjoy one of the beaches for yourself. It is ideal for families with children, couples and everyone who wants to spend their vacation far from the maddening crowds.


If you wish to dine like a true gourmand, Villa Rossa provides an on-site barbecue facility. You can then enjoy your prepared meal on your apartment terrace.


Are you planning an active holiday and looking for a superb tennis court to play and to have fun during your vacation? A beautifully situated clay tennis court awaits you just a 7-minute walk from Villa Rossa! Here, you can experience tennis at its best!

Forest Park Dundo 

The ancient Dundo forest of Rab is protected and zigzagged by numerous paths only for cyclists and walkers, leading to beautiful beaches in an unspoiled nature. It has an interesting and rich history and has often, not without reason, been mentioned as one of the most beautiful and most preserved holm oak forests in the entire Mediterranean. In 1949 the forest was declared a rare nature site and was placed under protection in the category of “special reserve forest – botanical reserve.” Delve into the magical island nature in forest park Dundo!